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During the first few months of 2002, Dr. Phil sensed God's clear direction to lead a church that was seriously committed to an Acts 2 model of "life-change" ministry. On June 1, 2002, Phil and his wife, Kim, opened their home to a core group of people who desired to be a part of a new church with a priority to reach people without Christ, people looking for an authentic church and people who desire to experience life-change.

Phil and Kim have been married for 42 years. Phil graduated with masters and doctoral degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary where he is Adjunct Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership. Kim operates a private Christian counseling practice in Richardson and team-teaches with Phil at DTS. They have two children and five grandchildren. Their son Justin has three children, Grace, Sophie and Cooper (twins). Their daughter Meghan is married to Andy and they have a son, Noah and a daughter, Matti. 

Dr. Phil's vision for C3 is to model the Acts 2 church's commitment to strategically involve people in Christ-centered ministry. This encompasses worship, instruction, fellowship, evangelism, stewardship and service based on prayer and empowered by the Holy Spirit. The result of C3's ministry will be three-fold:

1.  Life-change for the unbeliever resulting in an abundant life that can only be attributed to a personal relationship with Christ.

2.  Life-change for the believer in understanding how his/her relationship with Christ impacts their life, marriage, family, work, personal relationships and ultimately how to live and approach each day.

Radical Disciples who (1) Connect to God and other (2) Commit to study, serve and give and (3) Catch people with the Gospel of Christ.

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