Clearwater Community Church supports the spreading of the Gospel throughout the World via worldwide missions.  We are given this charge through Jesus’ words in Matthew 28:19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”  C3 financially and prayerfully supports missionaries both locally and around the world.

Our people have a heart for those among the unreached people groups – a group of people having no native community of Christians who need outside assistance to evangelize their people.  We currently have missionaries in Africa, India , the Philippines, Israel, the Middle East, Iran, Papua New Guinea and in our own city of Richardson.  Financially, missionaries are supported through Faith-Promise; a commitment between each member and the Lord to give over and above regular tithes and offerings to support our missionary family.”


Missionaries and Ministries C3 Supports


Paige and Mehary Stafford are working toward leaving soon to travel to be missionaries in Ethiopia.  Mehary will be writing teaching materials in the language; training church leaders; and working on strategic evangelism.  Paige will be teaching at the local school.  Mehary is passionate about sharing the Gospel with everyone he meets and makes sure that those who accept Jesus find a church in which to be discipled.

Elam was founded in 1988 by senior Iranian church leaders with a vision to serve the growing church in the Iran region. From the beginning, Elam's passion was to train and equip Iranian Christians to reach and disciple their country men. In 1990 six emerging leaders arrived in England from Iran to begin their fulltime ministry training. They lived in a small, two-bedroom flat and used the kitchen as a classroom. Since then, Elam has seen many years of God's faithfulness. By God's grace, the ministry is growing and is being used to strengthen and expand the church in the Iran region in a significant way.

We are a ministry that is committed to reach out to the refugee communities with the love of Christ to fulfill the Great Comission. We share the love of Christ through teaching ESL, Computer class, Deaf Ministry, Helping Hands, and soccer ministry, Summer VBS, and Discipleship.

C3 also supports mission efforts in these countries or regions: 

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