What is Worship all about?

"There is one splendid occurrence in the life of a church that is designed to involve everyone (everyone!) who considers him/herself a part of that community. The event is called worship, and it is central to everything else a church does.  Worship is a church's critical event. It happens when people, of all ages and stations of life, gather to do two things: speak to God and hear Him speak to them. The result? A delighted Heavenly Father and a revived and redirected people."

We are rejoicing in all the Lord is doing in our worship at C3 these days. The Sunday morning services are exciting times, and we look forward to how God will continue to grow His body. The Worship and Media Teams are seeking to provide worship experiences that help all of us Connect with God and with each other. The Lord has blessed Clearwater with a talented group of instrumentalists and singers who love the Lord with all their heart. What a privilege and a joy to join together to enter His presence each week with thanksgiving and praise.

The Psalms encourage us over and over to "sing to the Lord a new song" and the worship team at C3 seeks to discover great new songs that honor and exalt the Lord Jesus! He is moving among us to draw us closer into His presence - His throne room of grace and mercy. It continues to be a joy to worship our Lord together each Sunday!! 

If you would like more information about the worship ministries of C3 or you are interested in volunteering on the worship team, please email Mark Allen for more information.